Narrowgate Proformance Sports

Project Highlights


Create a powerful brand identity platform that captures the essence of an emerging, cutting-edge sports equipment manufacturer.


The team at Narrowgate Proformance Sports came to TSG to requesting a new brand identity design that accurately captured the essence of the state-of-the-art line of weight training equipment they are currently developing. The resulting brand identity exudes strength and power, with an illustration of a Lion, the King of the jungle, paired with a strong color palette that differentiated this company from several key competitors that use the colors red and black prominently. If you look closely, the lion’s ear is actual a door ajar with light pouring out of it integrated into the mane. This was a subtle reference back to the brand identity of Narrowgate Electrical, a company that was also started by Narrowgate Proformance Sports’ founder.

To support the launch of the new brand, TSG designed and produced lightweight apparel with various iterations of the brand identity that would immediately distinguish the apparel on the field and in the gym.


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