Land Rover Retrospective

Project Highlights


Provide Land Rover employees and retail staff with a reference guide that contains information about the history of Land Rover North America and their products since they started their journey in 1985.


Having worked with Land Rover North America for the past decade, TSG knows the Land Rover brand inside and out, so we were excited to have the opportunity to put together a resource that gathers all of that information together in once place. It was especially fitting since 2012 represented the 25th Anniversary of Land Rover in North America.

To get started, we briefed with the Land Rover team to identify the various categories of content they wanted included in the reference guide. They expressed to TSG that they wanted to include a brand manifesto followed by a brief overview of Land Rover’s history in North America. The remainder of the guide would then be separated by the different models Land Rover has offered here in the U.S. and Canada: Range Rover; Range Rover Sport; Range Rover Evoque, Discovery/LR3/LR4; Freelander/LR2; and Defender. Within each of those chapters would be a year-by-year breakdown of model information, options offered, key features, Spotter’s Guides, ad campaigns and collateral and marketing materials released each year.

Working closely with a Land Rover historian that had been close to the brand the entire 25 years, we developed content and worked with Land Rover to ensure that it was as comprehensive and accurately written as possible.

In tandem with content development, we developed graphic concepts that would define the styles throughout the publication. These included a stunning cover, special sections like the brand manifesto, and chapter separators. We also put a great deal of effort into taking photographs of existing materials that we at TSG have developed as well as choosing photography throughout the whole book, all of which came from Land Rover’s historical photo bank.

The final product was a 315-page hardcover book filled with 25 years worth of information about the Land Rover brand and its products, giving Land Rover employees and retail staff a quick look through Land Rover’s history. We also did a soft cover version of the book so that it could cost-effectively be distributed throughout the organization.

TSG is currently working toward the development of a digital interactive version that will be built in HTML5, making it accessible and searchable by desktop computers with web access as well as tablets and mobile devices. 

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