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Project Highlights


Design and develop a new website for Global Skills X-Change (GSX) that positioned the company as a leader in designing workforce education strategies and processes allowing their customers to perform better, while allowing the organization to change and post new content with ease.


When it came to the design phase, the number one priority for the GSX website was to make it easier to understand what it is they do. We accomplished this by highlighting their trademarked process—Define. Measure. Optimize—on the homepage and making the connection between those steps and their final desired outcome: high-performance workplaces.

We also made it a priority to replace their existing dark, visually jarring website with a more consistently lighter website that better utilized their existing brand colors. The site features consistent typography, imagery and design that positions GSX as a forward-thinking organization and sets them aside from competitor organizations that typically use more traditional corporate branding elements.

GSX also faced a struggle that we hear a lot – they lacked control over their website. They didn’t have the ability to easily alter, add or remove content, which is critical to ensuring that their audience always has the most up-to-date information that their brand has to offer. To solve this challenge, TSG employed our go-to CMS, ExpressionEngine, which empowers the GSX team to make content edits and updates to their website as they see fit. To help ensure that they had the comfort and ability to make changes at will, TSG wrote a custom instruction manual that outlined all of the functionality the website has to offer – from uploading graphics and images, to outlining services.

TSG also helped integrate the GSX blog, which is maintained through WordPress as well as implemented a new theme that had the same look and feel as the new GSX website.

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