Cyber Security Web-Based Training

Project Highlights


Design and build an e-learning module that introduces and reinforces cyber security policy to employees of large corporations.


Working closely with UMBC Training Centers, who was responsible for development of the content, The Sutter Group built a web-based e-learning module that shared current cyber security best practices and tested proficiency. The course was built so that specific sections could be customized to the end-user, including corporate branding and content specific to the client.

The 35-minute long, SCORM-compliant course was crafted in Adobe Captivate and delivered graphics and animations specially designed by TSG for this training. The result was an at-your-own pace visual learning tool that allowed viewers to gain a deeper understanding of the cyber security threats and vulnerabilities that impact them in the workplace. Students were required to earn a 100% on the exam in order to pass.

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