AAWDC Help Wanted Interactive Course

Project Highlights


Develop an interactive learning tool that allows Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation to develop job-hunting skills in youths aged 16 to 21 in Anne Arundel County.


While Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation (AAWDC) works to develop members of the workforce from all age groups, youths aged 16-21 are particularly important because they are new to the workforce and often lack the basic skills and knowledge to navigate the hiring process. Our solution was a highly interactive online course that takes users through a number of scenarios including the job search, application process, writing a resume, contacting an employer, interview preparation, the interview and follow up. TSG handled project strategy, user interface design, production and interactive development.

The course and scenarios are, by design, linear so that users can select answers to specific questions while receiving coaching and building skills along the way. If the user chooses a correct answer, the knowledge is reinforced and they move on to the next section; however, if they choose an incorrect answer, they are informed of why their chosen answer isn’t the right one, and invited to give the question another try. This process is repeated until they choose the correct answer and, ultimately, complete the course (They get hired!).

The finished course, built in HTML5, takes about 25 minutes to complete and integrates advanced functionality such as drag and drop, resource slides with external links and documents, as well as a number of built-in motion graphics and animations that enhance the look and feel of the course. We chose an illustrative style and focused those illustrations on industries that are the most popular in this region among youths aged 16 to 21 including retail, healthcare, foodservice and IT.

The finished course is still in development, but upon launch, it will be hosted on AAWDC’s website, and will integrate the latest in social sharing functionality, enhancing the reach of the product. 

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